Events Where Blue Dresses Can Be Worn

Events Where Blue Dresses Can Be Worn

Not only is blue one of the most popular colours in the fashion industry, but it’s also one of the most ubiquitous colours. It has been so popular because it is seen as a colour that can be worn year-round and still make an impact.

Blue frequently appears in the sky, and people often point out a specific shade of blue they are looking for on a particular day. Blue dress is also one of the most important pieces for any woman’s wardrobe because they can be worn to various events and occasions. 


The quintessential wedding event is just calling out for those beautifully deep tones, with ‘midnight’ being the perfect hue of midnight blue. Half the battle of being a bride is knowing what to wear! These are all occasions where you should wear a blue dress with any colour or style.


With graduation season in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about those dress colours. A bright blue is perfect to match the graduates’ dark brown to black suits. Blue colour graduations are all the rage nowadays, which is easily evident by the widespread use of royal blue gowns.


Monochromatic colours are always a good bet for anniversary events. Wear a deep purple or royal blue dress to one of your classmates’ anniversaries, and you may be seen as a romantic suitor! Blue is a colour that brings an air of elegance to anniversary parties and other special occasions, so why not wear your favourite shade?


Prom season is in full swing, and a blue tuxedo can accentuate any outfit so well! The pop of colour can light up any outfit and make it your unique style statement! Two-tone colours on the dress help break up and tone down all those bright colours in your outfit, so it will stand out in photos without screaming for attention on stage.

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Baby showers 

If you’re searching for a colour that can go with almost any other colour, this is it! Going with blue baby shower invitations will keep things simple and elegant.


The symbolic colour of baptism, it’s a dark blue that looks great when paired with white dresses or ‘cream’ in the case of light-coloured gowns.

Military award 

Blue represents strength and leadership in military ranks, so what better way to honour those achievements than off a blue tie or blue dress.


Blue is a colour that can go with almost any other pair of colours, which makes it perfect for just about every kind of party. For example, a simple yet elegant gown goes well with glistening ice-blue accessories and make-up!


Many people think blue dress is a social taboo and should not be worn publicly. This is why many people believe it is possible to wear a blue dress without attracting negative attention.