The Great Benefits of Practicing Gracie Jiu-jitsu

The Great Benefits of Practicing Gracie Jiu-jitsu

Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, also known as Judo was introduced to the Gracie family of Brazil by Esai Maeda in 1914. Esai Maeda was also called Conde Koma. He was a jiu-jitsu champion and he was a first line student of Kano at the Kodokan in Japan. He was born in 1878 and became a judo student under Kano in 1897. You can learn more of this when you visit

What is Gracie jiu-jitsu?

This is a martial arts style that is based on ground self-defense instead of the usual stand-up or striking type. Similar to karate, jiu-jitsu’s aim is to overtake the opponent from the ground. Jiu-jitsu is believed to be better than traditional stand-up martial arts because of several reasons. The following are some of the popular advantages of this style of martial arts:


When in a physical confrontation, it is highly possible for the fight to end up on the ground. By learning the skills of jiu-jitsu, it is easier for you to defend yourself in this particular situation as you stay in control of yourself and the fight.

Skill Is Best

Gracie jiu-jitsu teaches you how to use your advantage and technique to defeat your opponent. Because of this martial arts style, it gained the name “the gentle art.” The skills you learn from jiu-jitsu are your main self-defense element. The size and strength of your opponent are only secondary. This only means that a smaller and weaker person can take down a larger and stronger opponent using the techniques of jiu-jitsu taught here

Mental Benefits

Jiu-jitsu is not only about brawns, but it gives the martial artist some mental benefits too. This is more like a chess game with physical movements because practicing this style of martial arts involves a lot of strategic thinking. Jiu-jitsu shows that to defeat an opponent, you must not only rely on your physical prowess, but you have to think ahead and be ready with a fight strategy.

Better Sleep

Since jiu-jitsu gets your physical body and mind working, this enables you to get rid of the toxins while clearing up your brain and strengthening your focus. There are several reasons why it’s difficult for you to sleep, but jiu-jitsu has both physical and mental benefits that enable you to sleep better at night.

Improves Flexibility

Jiu-jitsu affects the different muscles and parts of the body. As you start to learn and become more familiar with this style of martial arts, you’ll experience more flexibility in various muscles and areas of your body due to consistent practice. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, you can stretch your body using Gracie jiu-jitsu moves.

Enrolling in jiu-jitsu also makes you street ready in less than a year since you can develop anti-bullying, anti-abduction, and character building skills from it.